Saturday, March 3, 2012


When I created this blog, I was having one of those super-caffeinated manic moments, when I could see an extensive outline for a critique of economics. Once I recovered, I immediately saw how far my vision had soared past not only my ability, but my ambition, and even my arrogance. I've since thought about using these pages to review some of the other critiques, floating out there -- particularly the ones written for a popular audience -- Steve Keen, Yves Smith, John Quiggin, etc., as well as some of the short bits spun out daily by various econ bloggers. Ability limits me; ambition fails me, too. Arrogance? I really do not care. But, as I stumble on, I find myself very angry, about the failure of economics to say anything coherent or useful. The more I understand of what economics has become, as an academic discipline and a college of science and a tool of popular discourse, the more angry I become. So, maybe, I will try to channel a bit of that anger, and see if it can supply the deficit of ability and ambition. At least, it may produce some useful or interesting rants. And, that's what blogging is for, no?

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